Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A wonderful, wonderful day in Olinda...

My darling husband and I spent a wonderful day in the Dandenong Ranges yesterday.  We particularly went to visit the beautiful Cloudehill Nursery and Gardens and the adjoining Rangeview Gardens.  We had heard about the Cloudehill Gardens a number of times and had been meaning to go and see them for some time now.  As we are both on leave at present and the weather has been lovely we thought it a perfect time to spend a day visiting this beautiful part of Melbourne.  I took many photos, (252 to be precise!) Oh how I love digital cameras!  Here is just a sample and I have provided a link to my Picasa album for a few more...

Cloudehill has series of outdoor rooms or compartments, around 20 in total, surrounded by walls of stone and brick or in some cases gorgeous green clipped hedges both high and low.  The flowers at this time time of year are like little jewels in the crown of this beautiful garden.  This is all set amongs the most magnificent old European beech, magnolias, maples and tree rhododendrons.  I fell in love with these gardens and I know I will return many times.

The Rangeview gardens which adjoin Cloudehill have a very different feel, whilst still being surrounded by the glorious old European trees it is described as being a, Magical "WILD" garden and this is certainly how we felt about it.  With earth paths descending down into the valley you feel like you are entering a land of fairy tales where you might just see fairies, elves or hobbits flitting about!  Under the canopy of the gorgeous old rhododendrons, magnolias and beeches you see a twisted writhing mass of branches all competing for a spot of sunlight.  I can imagine that some might find it a little spooky however the expectation of maybe coming across a resident wombat or Australian lyrebirds would surely spur them on...

Take Care


Here is a link to my Picasa album if you would like to see more.
Cloudehill Rangeview Gardens


  1. Delightful indeed. You write very well too, carrying us away with your words.

  2. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog today.
    Hope all is going well for you at home and work. How is your wonderful garden?

  3. Appreciate you comments agin. Yes, a bright future and good things ahead.

  4. You are right about your comments on frogs, it is a good sign to see them thriving happily in suburbia.
    Hope you have a great day too!


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